Helping Build Relationships for Small Business & Nonprofits

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The heart of your small business or nonprofit success lies in the ability to build relationships with your customers, employees, donors, or volunteers

Building Relationships

To build relationships you must make connections. To make connections you must meet your audience where they are and make a positive impression.

Every Interaction Sends a Message

Your printed materials, your menu, your signage, your website all send a message to your audience. How you treat your customers, how you communicate with donors, every interaction sends a message.

Sending the Wrong Message Can Cost You

Poorly designed printed materials or having a website that is not mobile friendly can cause you to miss an opportunity to build a new relationship with a customer, employee, donor, or volunteer.

What We Do

At 275 West we offer a full range of affordable, reliable, and professional services designed to help you make connections and create relationships with your audience.