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At 275 West we help you make connections and create relationships by using the right combination of online & offline marketing tools

Branding & Marketing

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Your brand is more than your logo. Your branding is your voice, it's your message and it should connect your product, service, or mission to your audience.

Every small business or nonprofit should have an online presence but it should not be your only presence. An effective branding & marketing strategy should use an integrated approach of online and offline channels.

275 West can create a branding & marketing strategy that will be effective in making connections and building relationships with your audience across all channels that are appropriate for your needs.

Logo & Print Design

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When at an event, tradeshow, or when giving a presentation, your business cards, brochures, and flyers help communicate your message and provide valuable information to prospective customers, employees, donors, and volunteers.

Your presentation and printed materials should always send a consistent brand message and direct your audience to more detailed information or a call to action on your website.

At 275 West we make sure your presentation and marketing collateral leave a positive impression and communicate your message in consistent professional manner.

Website Design & Development

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You have 3 to 5 seconds to make a connection with someone when they visit your site and it must look professional and load quickly on a phone, tablet, desktop, TV, or any device. It should be search engine friendly and connect with your audience to build a relationship.

Combined reports suggest that over 75% of consumers do online research before buying a product or service and that 60% of them do so using mobile devices exclusively to make purchasing decisions.

If you don't have a stand alone mobile friendly website at a minimum you are missing an opportunity to create valuable relationships with customers, employees, donors, and volunteers.

We will design, develop, and host your website. It will work across all devices and help build relationships with your audience.

Social Media

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When executed correctly a social media campaign can help create new connections and build relationships. When executed poorly or inconsistently it can be detrimental.

First we determine if even being on social media is right for your business. At a minimum, we do recommend that you at least have a social media presense and can support you by creating an account, setting up a page, and poviding creative services.

Social media can be very effective but you only if you have the time and resources to devote to it. We can make social media work for you instead of you working for it.

Digital & Print Advertising

Digital & Print Advertising

Digital and print advertising can be instrumental in helping make connections and build relationships with your audience.

In some cases online advertising is much cheaper and can be much more effective than traditional print advertising. Targeted advertsing campaigns around specific search engine keywords can be very cost effective. You can even target ads down to specific households through IP targeting and other techniques.

People still use print. Community newspapers, flyers, brochures, leave behinds... print is still effective. In some cases in may be more effective than advertsing in the digital space.

Our creative services team can create digital and print ads for any channel and a campaign designed to generate results.

Nonprofit Services

275 West Marketing & Technology Services

Every nonprofit needs marketing and technology to help them raise funds, attract volunteers, and provide services to their community.

Our experience in supporting and operating nonprofits give us the intimate knowledge of the challenges you face.

275 West can help with creative fundraising ideas, event planning and assist in finding volunteers.